The conspiracy - white music 1987-92

Another benefit conspiracies offer over the weaker compacts are Endowments , powers developed specifically by a conspiracy that allow it to do things a normal mortal man would not be able to do. While they sound appealing, many Endowments come with a steep cost to use. Some gradually corrode the user's soul, some literally poison the person drawing upon it, and most keep their user from ever having a chance at leaving the conspiracy if the stakes become too high.

While I believe historicism to be the most accurate interpretation of Bible prophecy, there is the danger that it can breed a desire to go beyond the Bible to explore these “last-day satanic activities.”[i] Those who do this immerse themselves in conspiracy theories, all the while thinking they are studying prophecy. But this is a mistake. Prophecy is what the Bible clearly teaches regarding last-day events and nothing more. Once one engages in extra-biblical information hunting of “hidden” information, one is no longer studying prophecy but biased speculation at best. It is evident that, while Ellen White was a historicist (which leads to the Sunday law understanding), she never engaged in extra-biblical speculations. She did not waste her time talking about the “black pope, Illuminati, Freemasony, Communism, or government secrets.” The reason? One can be shown from Scripture. The other cannot.

Above is footage from one of the protests in New York, part of a nationwide network that, it turned out, had nothing to do Antifa at all.

The Conspiracy - White Music 1987-92The Conspiracy - White Music 1987-92The Conspiracy - White Music 1987-92The Conspiracy - White Music 1987-92